Download Elena's Dream

Download Elena's Dream


Track One        
Introduction   4:50        

Elena hates playing the harpsichord. After throwing a tantrum, she runs up to her grandmother’s attic where she discovers a magical book.

Well Tempered Clavier – Book 1  (1722)           J. S. Bach 
Prelude No. 1 in C Major

Sonata No. 1 (1991)          Edwin McLean
I. Brisé  /  III. Toccata

Track Two        
16th Century   8:07         

Elena time travels to the year 1591 and finds herself in England at Windsor Castle. She meets a talkative  virginal named Virginia, who takes her to a ball held by Queen Elizabeth.

My Lady Nevells Book  (1591)                     William Byrd 
Carmen’s Whistle  /  Pavan & Galliarde No. 2

Track Three     
17th Century   9:05   

Elena’s next adventure takes her to London in 1695. There she meets Henrick Hammer, a cute harpsichord and personal instrument to the famous English composer Henry Purcell.

Lesson No. 5 in C  (1696)                     Henry Purcell 
Prelude,  Almand, Corant

Misc. Pieces  (1689)                     Henry Purcell
Ground in C  Minor / Round O

Track Four        
18th Century   6:22          

Elena finds herself in the middle of a trial during the French Revolution in 1795, Paris, France. She meets Thomas Taskin, an eccentric harpsichord who helps save the life of musician Hélène Montgeroult.

March des Marseillois  (1792)                     C.B. Balbastre

Sonata No. 1  (1795)                     Hélène Montgeroult

Sonata No. 8 in C Minor  (1742)                G.B. Platti
I. Fantasia Allegro (forte piano)

Track Five      
19th Century   10:38           

In 1892, Elena finds Thomas Taskin locked away in a closet at the Paris Conservatory. Thomas is freed only to come face to face with an imposing grand piano. 

Suite de Clavecin  (1921)          Alexander Voormolen

Rigodon  (1892)                       Francis Thomé

Jeux d’eau  (1901)                                  Maurice Ravel
Randall Love, piano

Track Six  
20th Century   6:26           

Elena travels to 1999, arriving in New York City on the stage of Carnegie Hall. She meets a vividly painted modern harpsichord named Kenneth King.

Pop’s Hot Bath  (1952)          Edith Borroff

Three Bulgarian Dances  (2000)          Timothy Tikker

Track Seven    
Coda   4:54       

Elena wakes up at Grandma’s house. Was it all just a dream?

Sonata No. 1  (1991)          Edwin McLean   
III. Toccata

Well Tempered Clavier – Book 1  (1722)          J. S. Bach 
Prelude No. 1 in C Major